Smokers Guide to Mail Order Marijuana in Canada

Mail order marijuana services, commonly known as MOM, are being offered by an unprecedented number of new online businesses as Canada’s cannabis sector continues to thrive. These include premium flowers, extracts, topicals, and even edibles prepared with powerful concentrations of CBD, THC, or both available to adults. Due to their better prices and quality compared to nearby brick-and-mortar shops, these weed stores are generally Canadians’ first option for online marijuana orders.

We’ll talk about the benefits and drawbacks of MOM in this post, as well as the top online marijuana dispensary for high-quality cannabis products.

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Advantages Of Mail Order Marijuana in Canada

There are several advantages to ordering from a MOM compared to a licensed facility. When you purchase online instead of a retailer, it is really handy, costs less, and you can get fantastic offers.

Reasonable Price

The pricing you receive from a MOM will undoubtedly be much lower than anything you buy from a local cannabis store.

Currently, a gram of legal marijuana costs over $10 on average, which is approximately double what you can get with a MOM.

You may also purchase in wholesale from a MOM, which lowers the cost per gram even more and offers greater savings the more you purchase.


Shopping online and getting your weed delivered to you is quite easy. So, in buying weed online, there is no need to go out and wait in long lines.


Most of the MOMs’ items are vacuum sealed, ensuring that there is no discernible aroma, and purchasing from them is quite simple. They also send the products in discrete wrapping.


Fortunately, there are not many downsides to MOM service, but still, there are a few given below:

Billing Method

Not many MOMs around accept credit cards as a payment option. Most accept bitcoin or E-Transfer as payment alternatives for cannabis delivery.

If anything goes wrong, you won’t have any redress with these kinds of transactions, and you will not be capable of seeking compensation. However, on the other hand, you can challenge the charges made on a credit or debit card.

Always conduct careful research and check feedback before ordering online from any MOM. We know that everyone would like to deal with a well-reputed company in the cannabis industry that has been in operation for a considerable amount of time.

Delivery Schedule

While most MOMs in Canada provide extremely quick shipping of high-quality cannabis products, typically in 2-3 days, they still depend on Canada Post for delivery. You’ll unavoidably have to wait due to a strike or extended shipment periods over the holidays.

There is no doubt that authorized traditional businesses are better in this situation, but only when you are fortunate enough to reside near one.

Shipment Fees

Many MOMs in Canada provide free delivery for orders above a certain price, but still, not everyone would like to spend $100 to $150 worth of products on qualifying for free shipping.

If your order does not reach the minimum purchasing restrictions, be ready to shell out anywhere from $10 to $20 in the name of delivery charges.

Mail Order Marijuana

Exploring the Strains before Mail Ordering Marijuana

You must be aware of the many strains offered while ordering marijuana online. Here is a brief summary:

Sativa Marijuana Strain

Sativa medicinal marijuana is upbeat, lively, and often amusing. It also helps you feel fantastic. The highs produced by this medicinal marijuana are cosy, alert, and reflective. People who are creative or artistic find Sativa marijuana to be particularly appealing because of its benefits. The most well-known medical uses for Sativa cannabis include addressing psychological and cognitive issues such as anxiety, stress, discomfort, and ADHD.

Indica Marijuana Strain

Indica marijuana often has a very relaxing influence on the body, a calm mood, sleepiness, and pain and anxiety alleviation. Among the most often recommended cannabis strains for medicinal usage is Indica. Medicinal cannabis from the Indica family is excellent for treating aches and pains and sleeping problems, including insomnia. Arthritis, Parkinson’s disease, Multiple Myeloma, and various other issues are frequently treated with Indica marijuana.

Hybrid Marijuana Strain

The finest of all may be found in hybrid weed types. The greatest Sativa and Indica varieties are chosen by skilled cannabis growers, who then cross them to create super pot strains that maintain the best qualities of both parents. Indica and Sativa dominant mixes can provide the corresponding effects. For a range of therapy alternatives, hybrid cannabis concentrates are produced with other strains.

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