At Buy Bud Now, the best online dispensary Canada, we offer high-quality marijuana strains and mail-order marijuana from our long list of premium cannabis products. Providing cheap, high-quality weed delivered to your door from our online weed dispensary is our specialty.

High Quality Cannabis Products

We offer a wide list of strains & selections of cannabis products, including our in-house premium pre-rolled joints, which we believe to be the best in the cannabis industry. With reliable shipping to anywhere in BC, Buy Bud Now is your best option to buy weed online at an online dispensary.

Buy Bud Now Supremium PreRoll Pack Blend
Buy Bud Now Supremium PreRoll Pack Blend

Our goal is to make it easy for you to find the best weed online for your online weed order. Whether you’re looking for something energizing or relaxing, our online marijuana dispensary offer a wide range of products with the best prices that will suit you when you want to order weed online. We offer a full range of cannabis products, including sativa strains, hybrid weed strains, best indica strains, concentrates, extracts, edibles, and much more quality cannabis products.

Our online dispensary Canada website offers detailed information about each product so that you can make an informed decision about what suits you best to buy weed online.

BC weed-deals-online
BC Weed Deals Online


Our cannabis plants are sourced from artisanal farmers. Our curated online dispensary Canada possess long-term relationships with BC marijuana growers and we have years of experience in the cannabis business, offering our own brands of pre-rolled joints, unique product strains and our famous 420 canna calendar and weed advent calendars.

British Columbia has always been a part of cannabis culture from our laid-back attitude to our famous BC Bud. Weed has always been a part of BC. A pioneer in marijuana farming and innovator of breeds BC is world famous for the potency and diverse effects of its cannabis. BC dispensaries are known for its quality and superiority.

Marijuana Farm
Marijuana Farm

Combine that with our innovative house brands of top pre-rolled joints, cannacalendars, CBD tinctures and upcoming secret marijuana products that will surprise you.


Buy Bud Now’s online dispensary Canada gives you the ease of mail order bud with a choice of sativa strains, indicas, kush, bud concentrates and edibles. Our bud products are currently getting plenty of positive reviews for their pain relief advantages and head/body effects. With reliable and quick shipping, competitive rates and superb customer support BuyBudNow.Net saves time and money.

Buy Bud Now Unicorn Hunter Vape Pen
Buy Bud Now Unicorn Hunter Vape Pen

Shopping online via our online dispensaries means that you get a selection of buds, edibles, Supremium pre-rolled joints, CBD and many brands of vape pens including Dickpunch with rates that are competitive. BuyBudNow.Net is your best cannabis Vancouver online dispensary.

We all are here to assist if you’re too far away from a medical marijuana dispensary! We deliver to major cities and all regions of BC including:

  • Vancouver Lower Mainland Weed Delivery

  • Burnaby Weed Delivery

  • New Westminster Weed Delivery

  • North Vancouver Weed Delivery

  • East Vancouver Weed Delivery

  • Delta Weed Delivery

  • Richmond Weed Delivery

  • Coquitlam Weed Delivery

  • Whistler & Squamish Weed Delivery

  • Okanagan Weed Delivery

  • Fraser Valley weed delivery

  • Victoria Weed Delivery

  • All of Vancouver Island including Nanaimo Weed Delivery

  • Chilliwack Weed Delivery

  • Abbotsford Weed Delivery

  • Kelowna Weed Delivery

  • Prince George Weed Delivery

  • Kamloops Weed Delivery

  • Port Hardy Weed Delivery

  • Surrey Weed Delivery

All orders are sent in plain packaging to guarantee it gets straight to your door without hassle. You’ll be given a tracking number via email as soon as your order has been processed. If you live in the lower mainland we’re your local Vancouver Online Dispensary.

Our Online Dispensary Has a Huge Selection of WEED DEALS & Ounce Specials

While our online dispensary Canada stock of marijuana strains will attract general users, our cannabis selection also caters to connoisseurs with special and uncommon indicas and sativas and regular weed and ounce specials. Check our online dispensary link to the weed product specials page for frequent exclusive deals and weekly promos on marijuana flowers, edibles, marijuana concentrates, and more.  Ask us questions via Facebook Messenger on our main web page.

Pick your favourite way to consume. Great flavours and unique strains to buy weed online from our online dispensary.


All orders are sent out immediately to guarantee speedy delivery. When you order online, you’ll be given a tracking number and shipping details via email as soon as your order has been processed. Our BC online dispensary‘s estimated delivery schedule:

  • Major Urban Areas: 1 to 2 Days
  • Non-Major Urban Areas: 3 Days
  • Northern Regions & Remote Areas 7 Days or less

We deliver across Canada and all across Ontario including Toronto, Brampton, Mississauga, Hamilton, Kitchener, London, St. Catherine’s, Oshawa and Windsor.

BUYBUDNOW.NET Is The Best Online Marijuana Dispensary in Canada

There’s not any better place to purchase your marijuana on the web if you are in BC. Our BC Cannabis resources and pricing along with reliable shipping means you’ll receive your quality BC bud when you want it from our online dispensary Canada!