What are Prerolls & Why Are They So Popular

Pre-rolls, often known as prerolled joints, are a popular method for cannabis aficionados to enjoy their preferred strains. Pre rolled joints come in a simple and easy-to-use configuration, making them popular among cannabis consumers looking for a convenient method to ingest their pot. The latest numbers reveal that in 2020, pre-roll sales surged, increasing by more than 47% from the previous year.

Prerolls are a wonderful alternative for individuals who want to experience the advantages of smoking without the trouble of rolling paper on their own, whether you’re a seasoned smoker or a newcomer to the world of cannabis. This article will look at prerolls, why they’re so popular, and some of the benefits and drawbacks of using pre-rolled joints. We will also reveal where you can buy the best pre-rolled joints. Stay tuned until the end!

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Pre-Rolled Joints: What Are These?

Pre roll joints are exactly what the name implies (i.e., cannabis cigarettes). They have cannabis on a rolling paper. As the development of legal cannabis markets has continued, their prevalence has increased, and they can now be purchased from almost every pharmacy in the country.

Some dispensaries employ machines to load pre-formed cones with cannabis flowers instead of hand-rolling the sheet into a cone.

Pre rolls may be purchased separately or as a bundle. They range from a few puffs to longer than the length of a huge hand. Pre rolls are a cost-effective and disposable choice for cannabis smokers on the fly.

You’ll most likely discover a good mix of cannabis flowers, ranging from dried and brown flowers to quality ground flowers wrapped in kief and wax.

Types of Pre Rolls

Pre rolls can be found in indica, hybrid, and sativa varieties. Now, users have a wide variety to consume cannabis from. Let’s review them in detail:

  • Infused pre rolls:

As mentioned earlier, an infused pre roll incorporates dried cannabis flower and cannabis extraction or concentration. Pre rolls often have THC distillate applied to the paper before or during the rolling or packing process.

Because of this, the pre roll has more punch and taste than if it had only been rolled with cannabis flower. Pre rolled joints that have already been infused can be dipped in kief for a more potent high.

  • Hybrid pre rolls:

Pre rolls made from hybrid cannabis strains are called hybrids. Hybrid cultivars often include characteristics of both sativa and indica varieties.

Due to the scarcity of original landrace indica and sativa genetics, most commercial strains today are hybrids.

  • Sativa pre rolls:

Pre rolls of the sativa chemovar are used in the production of sativa-dominant pre rolls. The effects of these cannabis varieties are said to be more energizing and cerebral.

  • Indica pre rolls

The indica chemovar of marijuana was used to roll the indica pre rolls. It is widely believed that indica cannabis strains generate a more sedative effect in contrast to their sativa counterparts.

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How to Smoke a Pre Roll

Unlike rolling your own cigarette, pre roll joints require no specific knowledge or skills. One of the most crucial aspects of successfully smoking a pre roll is learning how to light it properly. An improperly lit joint will burn unevenly. The good news is that it’s not hard to light it properly.

Your pre roll should be lit by directing the flame toward the tip like a cigarette. If you want the whole cylinder to be evenly lit, spin the joint across your index and thumb as you ignite it.

Put it between your teeth and inhale a few little puffs to start the flame going once you’ve evenly ignited it. First and foremost, try to chill down. It’s possible that your pre roll won’t ignite the first time, forcing you to start again.

After you’ve lighted your pre roll, feel free to smoke it till it’s gone out or you’re ready to start a new one. Part of it can be smoked now, and the rest can be put in an ashtray for later use.

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The Benefits of Pre Rolls

Prerolls, often known as pre rolled joints, provide a variety of advantages to cannabis consumers. Listed below are some of the primary advantages of utilizing prerolls from the cannabis plant:

  • Convenience

Prerolls are the ultimate convenience for cannabis consumers who do not want to deal with the inconvenience of rolling their joints. They are pre rolled and ready to smoke, so you must fire them up and take a few puffs.

  • Consistency

Prerolls provide consistent quality and potency, which is crucial for individuals looking for a dependable and consistent experience. Pre rolls are prepared with ground cannabis uniformly dispersed throughout the joint, guaranteeing that each puff has the same amount of THC and other cannabinoids.

  • Shelf-Life

Prerolls have a longer shelf life than loose cannabis, making them an excellent choice for storing their favorite strains. Pre rolls are packaged in sealed and airtight multi-packs, preserving their freshness and potency over time.

  • Time-Saving

Rolling your own joints is a time-consuming technique that not everyone is adept at. Prerolls save you time and energy by enabling you to concentrate on enjoying your cannabis without having to roll your own joint.

  • Variety

Pre rolls are available in various strains, flavors, and forms, making choosing the best solution for your requirements simple. You can pick a preroll that meets your tastes, whether you favor indica, sativa, or hybrid strains.

Why You Should Get Pre-Rolled Joints

Purchasing pre roll joints might be a wise decision for various reasons. They provide a simple and easy method to ingest cannabis without rolling your joint. Pre-roll joints are created with pre-ground cannabis, which ensures consistent quality and potency in every inhale.

This makes them an excellent alternative for cannabis beginners or those who have never rolled their own joints. Furthermore, pre-rolled joints can be machine-rolled, which helps keep prices low while offering a consistent and satisfying smoking experience.

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