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Our Story

At BuyBudNOW.net
we believe all adults of sound mind should have access to the many joys
and health benefits the miracle plant marijuana offers. We are
committed to making the best marijuana products in the world available
to all Canadians 21 or older with free express delivery, great prices and quality service from a reliable mail order marijuana Canada dispensary.

Who Can Buy Marijuana at Buy Bud Now?

At Buy Bud Now we believe all adults of sound mind should have access to the medical AND recreational benefits of marijuana. We never sell weed to minors and we never ship marijuana outside of Canada. You must be 19 or older and have a Canadian ship to address in order to purchase marijuana at Buy Bud Now. When you register for an account we ask that you send in a snapshot of any government ID that shows your name and age. We do not require you to claim any medical condition or to show us any medicinal marijuana program ID. We do not make any medical claims about marijuana and we strongly suggest you consult a medical professional before using any of our products for medical reasons. It’s easy, free and fast to register. REGISTER NOW BY MAKING YOUR 1ST ORDER!

Any questions check out the FAQs If the answer is not on our site then just email us at info@BuyBudNOW.net and we will gladly get back to you right away. The future legal marijuana market will be an online phenomenon. Before the wait on Ottawa drives you to drink (God forbid) get ahead of the curve and Buy Bud NOW! But Isn’t It Still Illegal? Read why there is zero Risk to you our customer.

Our Mission

To do our part in furthering the global acceptance and legalization of Cannabis – one of the most valuable resources on our planet. To help take marijuana off the streets where it is easily available to kids and teens, to the much safer, convenient, controllable (and taxable) world of online retail.

— Our Team at Buy Bud Now