Reefer A Friend Program

Buy Bud Now Refer A Friend

Hello All,

Buy Bud Now has now implemented a new Refer a Friend program that allows all current customers to share a unique coupon code to friends and family. We call it the Give $25 and Get $25 for every successful referral (referrals must meet all requirements to earn a $25 Credit) read terms conditions below.

Terms of Use (BBN Refer A Friend)

  1. By opting into our program you agree to receive any promotional emails related to
  2. Buy Bud Now reserves the right to remove or change the terms of the Refer a Friend program without notice.
  3. Buy Bud Now reserves the right to ban any users from for any fraudulent rewards claims, abuse of sharing coupon codes and we reserve the right to deny rewards credits.
  4. Current users cannot be referred. Only new sign ups.
  5. The minimum order amount your friend must make is a sub total of $100 or more in order to earn a referral credit, they must use your coupon code, and it only applies to the friends first purchase.
  6. Credits or coupon codes cannot be redeemed for cash, and are non-transferable.
  7. All registered customers are automatically opted in to our promotional email program. Participants must be signed up and opted in order to earn refer a friend credits. If you would like to opt out Go Here.
  8. Shared coupon codes are valued at $25 off with a minimum purchase order of $100 or more, before shipping and additional discounts, and is only valid on the first order.
  9. Customers will receive a $25 credit for every successful referral that meet the order requirements. 2 successful referrals = $50 etc.
  10. Credits are automatically applied to every order at checkout and must be used if credits are available. You must have a minimum order of $25 sub total for referral credits to be applied All credit balances are carried over to the next purchase until no credits are available. You can check your credit balance and history, on this page.