Concentrate Products

One of our most popular category of THC products is cannabis shatter.
Shatter is potent, fast-acting, THC that’s collected using a frozen carbon dioxide process. It’s resistant to heat or UV light exposure—so it can retain more flavou until you’re ready to use it again. We have high-grade concentrates for any kind of need. Choose from King Cobra concentrates, Phoenix Tears, resin or Moon Rocks.Our 100% pure cannabis concentrates are made from the finest quality raw cannabis plant materials and refined with the most advanced extraction techniques. Our high potency cannabis extracts provide a wide variety of different flavours, strengths, and effects for you to enjoy. Fill up on terpenes with Phoenix Tears or vape blissful moon rocks to your heart’s content.Choose our premium-quality products from a variety of brands. Fast, guaranteed delivery with tracking and local same day delivery in Vancouver.


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