Smokers Guide 2023: How To Make Shatter

The cannabis extracts world continues to grow and expand exponentially, and there are wide varieties for consumers to enjoy. One such sensation is shatter; it is also called BHO (butane hash oil), dabs, or wax.

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Any cannabis plant connoisseur who has experienced shatter’s potency can vouch for the grand time smoking it brings.

Those curious about this cannabis flower concentrate often wonder if they can make it themselves, and the answer is yes, you absolutely can! If you want to get into a DIY project involving green herbs, we got you!

Here you will learn how to make shatter with cannabis plant material. We will walk you through the production process of this brittle concentrate with a glass-like appearance.

What is Shatter

Shatter is a hash oil concentrate produced using butane solvent to derive high THC content from the cannabis plant matter.

If you are into the weed world, you probably have come across discussions about these marijuana concentrates that only bring out the elite parts of a bud.

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Naturally, this results in a potent product sending you to smack dab into the euphoric world.

This concentrate is the talk of the town, for it delivers an instantaneous effect and stronger kick than other cannabis concentrates. Generally, most marijuana flowers entail around 25% THC, considered high, but the mighty shatter can entail up to 90% THC, hence the intensity.

With only a little shatter, you can achieve that ‘high’ you seek. Vaping or dabbing shatter lets the cannabinoids enter your bloodstream quickly; this allows them to deliver the therapeutic and psychoactive effects immediately.

These effects can aid with behavioural therapy in treating severe withdrawal symptoms from drug addiction and substance use disorder.

How To Make Shatter

Moving on to the process of making shatter, we have provided a detailed guide below.


We are going to start with the things you will need to make your shatter:

  • Uncut marijuana- one ounce
  • A butane canister
  • Extraction tube/Extractor (a store-bought is the best option)
  • Electric double boiler
  • Parchment paper strips
  • Pyrex dish for collecting the shatter
  • Razor blades (single-edged)
  • Vacuum pump
Please Take Caution

We must caution that the method below involves producing shatter with the butane technique, which can be hazardous. Therefore, do not attempt it indoors.

But fret not because it can be executed safely if you carefully abide by the guidance we provide below.

Let’s begin!

The Process

As you gather all your supplies, time to make some good-quality marijuana shatter.

Begin by grinding your weed, then let it sit for some time because we need it dry.

Fill Up the Extraction Tube

Put the dried weed into the extractor but be careful lest you pack it too tightly. We don’t need the air pockets, but the butane should be able to saturate all that marijuana.

extraction tube

Saturating The Marijuana

The extractor will have a tiny hole on one end, while the other will have a cap with different holes with an internal filter.

To concentrate the weed, slowly and carefully spray all the butane from the canister through the top hole. This will make a viscously brown-gray-green oil drip from the extractor’s bottom holes into the Pyrex dish.

It bears repeating, please do the butane spraying outdoors with ample ventilation and away from possible ignition sources. This is extremely important because even some hidden pilots may be extremely dangerous, and no one wants that.

Evaporating Off the Butane

Your next step also mandates much caution. Fill up the double boiler and put it on a hot stove. You must ensure it is an electric range because using a gas stove pressure cooker is not the best idea. Place the pyrex dish in the boiler’s top portion and let the liquid evaporate.

This will gradually remove the liquid butane, leaving you with that precious and true shatter extract you seek.

You must boil all solvent away to create shatter, or you may consume a butane-tainted product that is terrible for your health.

Your biggest indicator of butane’s complete removal will be when the shatter stops bubbling.

Vacuum Purge of Butane Remains

By this point, you should have a dense and amber-looking shatter with butane traces, so you must purge a little more. Take a three-stage pressurized vacuum pump.

Put the pyrex glass dish with shatter inside the vac chamber, then suck out all the remaining butane via a pump. Have a gauge to show the chamber’s temperature so you don’t burn off the shattered oil.

With vacuuming done, your shatter is butane free, and you have a pure, flavoursome product.

Scrape and Stow!

And voila! Get the razor blade to scrape your potent concentrate from the dish and carefully place the finished product on the parchment strips for cooling.

cannabis extract shatter, cannabis oil

You might require more razor blades since this concentrate can get devastatingly sticky.

Go ahead and smoke it!

How Long Can My Shatter Remain Good?

If you want to keep your homemade shatter strong, you need to know a few things.

Like all cannabis concentrates, storing shatter right will keep it from degrading over time so it won’t lose its colour or potency. Moreover, exposed to humidity, your shatter will break down, which will ruin its impact.

Therefore, store your shatter in a sealed bag or airtight jar and place it on parchment paper to preserve it for a long time.

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Once the shatter is properly packed, keep it in a cool, dark, dry place.


This is all that goes into making shatter and experiencing what this famous cannabis concentrate offers. Shatter is quickly becoming quite a favourite; you can consume it by dabbing or infusing some in your meal; the choice is yours.

If you’d rather have some high-quality ready-made shatter in the market today, don’t worry; buy Bud Now will take care of you. Order your pick and get it delivered right to your doorstep!

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