MINDZEYE Mushroom Tea – Jasmine Lychee Illumination (Green Tea) – GOLDEN TEACHERS (6 Grams)


Jasmine Lychee Illumination (Green Tea)

In the Universe there is a core from which we obtain knowledge, strength and inspiration… I know that it exists.

― Nikola Tesla

Take a stroll through the botanical gardens of your mind with this beautifully fragrant green tea. The floral notes and mild caffeination will leave you feeling both peaceful and inspired. Delicious both hot or cold.

Each tea bag contains 1g of of strain-specific magic mushrooms for a total of 6g per tin.

The G3 herb blend – ginseng, ginger, and ginkgo – works synergistically with the psilocybin to both minimize nausea and increase psychedelic impact.

Ingredients: Green tea, jasmine petals, G3 Blend (ginseng, ginger, gingko), and natural flavour (organic compliant)


Store in a dry place after opening.

Currently available strain: Golden Teachers

Golden Teachers

Golden Teachers are considered a great introductory strain for magic mushroom initiates. This is because, compared to the other strains, Golden Teachers offer a somewhat milder psychedelic trip while still giving way to deep, revelatory feelings of enlightenment and higher wisdom. A Golden Teacher trip leaves you feeling a little more aware and aligned.

Many experience a deeper connection with nature and other people, making Golden Teachers a favourite mushroom strain for those who want to dive into spiritual discovery and share profound thoughts with fellow psychonauts.

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