MINDZEYE Mushrooms – Dark Chocolate Caramel – Single – Golden Teachers (1 Gram)


Exquisite caramels enrobed in ultra-dark Belgian 70% cacao chocolate. Embrace the symbolic experience as you crack open the dark shell exterior, exposing soft, sweet – and maybe a touch salty – filling.


Now in Single serving Mindzeye Triangle Box!

Single individually wrapped 1 Gram serving, each containing strain-specific magic mushrooms.


Ingredients: Sugar, dextrose, cocoa mass, cream, butter, fat-reduced cocoa powder, soya lecithin, vanilla, Himalayan salt.


**Store away from heat and moisture.


Strain Specific: Golden Teachers


Golden Teachers

Golden Teachers are considered a great introductory strain for magic mushroom initiates. This is because, compared to the other strains, Golden Teachers offer a somewhat milder psychedelic trip while still giving way to deep, revelatory feelings of enlightenment and higher wisdom. A Golden Teacher trip leaves you feeling a little more aware and aligned.

Many experience a deeper connection with nature and other people, making Golden Teachers a favourite mushroom strain for those who want to dive into spiritual discovery and share profound thoughts with fellow psychonauts.

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