Explore the World of Microdosing With Our New Mindzeye Mushroom Chocolates

Dark-Caramel-Mindzeye magic mushroom chocolates

Are you curious about the world of microdosing? Microdosing is the act of taking small doses of psychedelics, usually LSD or psilocybin mushrooms. People who microdose typically report feeling more creative and productive, and some say that it has helped them overcome depression or anxiety. You may even have read or seen documentaries on the ways it can improve your life.

While mushrooms can be beneficial, many users don’t want to munch on plain mushrooms or consume it in a bitter tea. What many people are looking for is a fun and delicious way to microdose.

Enter our brand of Mindzeye mushroom chocolates! Made by experienced chocolatiers and microdosing experts, all Mindzeye chocolates are made from rich Belgian chocolate used by master bakers and chocolatiers around the world.

Mindzeye chocolates are strain specific made with delicious centers blended with the mushroom strains like Penis Envy, Golden Teachers and Albino Avery, three very popular strains.

Our chocolates are totally different from most mushroom chocolates out right now. The mushrooms are mixed in the center filling and enrobed in chocolate. Once you crack open the shell exterior, the soft sweet centers are revealed.

This leaves a more pleasant chocolate taste and more accurate dosing!

Mindzeye chocolates come in six individually wrapped servings for convenient microdosing. Each piece contains exactly 1 gram of strain specific mushrooms for a total of 6 grams per box. We will be introducing a 12 gram box with 6 x 2 gram pieces of the same yummy chocolates.

We have three scrumptious flavours to start your adventure.

Dark Caramel

Dark-Caramel-Mindzeye shroom chocolates

Exquisite caramels enrobed in ultra-dark Belgian 70% cacao chocolate. A classic combo.

Cookies n’ Cream

White-Cookies-Cream-Mindzeye-magic mushroom chocolates

Things are not always as they appear – delectable and pure Belgian white chocolate envelops a mysteriously dark, gooey chocolate-cookie-crunch filling.

Milk Peanut Butter

Milk-Peanut-Butter-Mindzeye-psychedelic mushroom chocolates

Nostalgic salty-sweet peanut butter encased in rich Belgian milk chocolate. Allow the tasty familiar to softly take your hand and lead you into worlds unknown.

The beautifully designed and eye catching package helps the product stand out from other offerings and emphasizes to the customer they are enjoying a premium product. Each bar’s 6 individually wrapped pieces makes for easy and accurate dosing.

Ingredients: Sugar, dextrose, cocoa mass, cream, butter, fat reduced cocoa powder, soya lecithin, vanilla, Himalayan salt.

Gluten Free.

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