Unicorn Hunter Vape Pen 4 Pack $169.99 (Mix & Match)

Disposable Premium Vape Pens
1G Distillate

Unicorn Hunter Premium Disposable Vape Pens are perfect for enjoying the most out of all your activities!
The design is sleek and durable while the functionality is superb. Draw activated and convenient! We use only naturally occurring terpenes to flavour our pens, as well as 99.9% pure distillate. All of our pens are also fully disposable.

Each disposable pen contain 1.0 gram of product. Discreet and easy to carry with you.


  • No VQ
  • No PG
  • No Alcohol
  • 100% Organic Oil Base
  • No MCT Oil
  • Actually 1 gram

Mix and Match 4 Strain Assortment.

Assorted Strains:

– Blueberry
– Strawberry
– Watermelonn
– Wedding Cake
– Gelato
– Girl Scout Cookies
– Death Bubba
– King Kush
– Cannatonic
– Pineapple Express

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