Tetrahedron Labs Diamonds – Epoxy OG – 1G


Tetrahedron Labs Craft Run Extracts, always Clean, always flavourful.

Epoxy OG Diamonds is produced by tetrahedron cannabis Co it is made with 100%  pure cannabis flower, no unwanted shake or leaves, and like all other Tetrahedron Cannabis Co products it is guaranteed top-quality, free of pesticide and all other harmful chemicals.

Tetrahedron Labs uses a cutting edge Sub-Zero filtration system that extracts the cannabinoids in their purest form. This is achieved by using a patented triple stage organic aggregate filtration process that can reach teeth chattering temperatures of -80°

Ingredients: Epoxy OG 100% pure cannabis flower

Hybrid – 50% Sativa /50% Indica THC: 21% – 30%

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