Organic Kief (1 gram)


Kief Rocks are an amazing way to increase potency while infusing the delicious flavors that Kief offers. The Solventless extraction process of the Kief which simply involves the plant matter material being sifted out in an All Natural process. This produces a clean unadulterated extract. The Dry Sieve collected from the legendary BC Strain, Tuna Kush a heavy Indica. A Very potent option for adding to any bowl or joint or just smoking it by itself to increase and enhance the THC levels and flavors. A little goes a long way and with the Kush Kief Rocks and even a small amount will produce a very strong high making it an effective and efficient option. Great for anyone needing that extra added potency out of their smokables.

Treats: Pain, Stress, Loss of Appetite, Depression

Effects: Relaxed, Uplifting, Euphoric

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