Natural Mystic Capsules 10 Pack


Natural Mystic Mushroom Capsules are carefully curated with loving intention.  Each capsule contains 250mg of Psilocybin (1/4 gram) plus 4 superfoods to help support and elevate your experience.  

Mucuna is a South American superfood and natural dopamine producer.  A great addition to anyone micro dosing mushrooms to treat depression or anxiety

Lions Mane mushrooms help to nourish the brain and has been shown to stimulate new brain cell growth.

Ginger acts to soothe the stomach as well as acting as a vehicle for the other medicine, helping to drive it further into the cell walls.

Cordycep mushrooms are an all-around immune boosting panacea, providing overall support and nourishment to the body for your journey.

Get ready for the best giggle fit you have had in ages. Go deeper in your meditation.  Overcome social anxieties.  Feel at one with nature in the forest.  Be the mushroom fairy at your next camping trip or house party.

Suggested dosage: Take one to two capsules in social situations or for a happy glow during your day. Effects can be expected to last approx. three hours.  To go deeper into the mushroom wisdom experience, take 4-8 capsules.

Natural Mystic Capsules are vegan, soy and nut-free


  • A true white strain from Cambodia genetics even the spores are white on this true power house not exactly known who is responsible for this rare fungus.
  • Not much is known on the original growth of this strain but we do know it’s history is Cambodian by decent.
  • These effects can be mid level to very high and with great visual effects. It’s a sure shot to a amazing close eyed trip and one of the staffs personal favourites.
  • Dosage suggested use: would start at around 1-2 grams. 2 grams should be enough for most people to feel some effects, but nothing overpowering. A higher dosage would begin with 3 or more grams, and exceeding 4 grams can be quite the journey of a hero’s dose.

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