Microdose Mushrooms Sample Pack – Neuro Ultra


Microdose Mushrooms Neuro Ultra

Spiritual – Psychedelic – Metaphysical – Therapeutic – Creativity – Euphoric

Neuro Ultra is the level-up for individuals who have been looking for that extra boost or to reset their minds fully. This product was designed for those seeking a more spiritual journey. If you’ve experienced the positive effects from any of our prior product lines and you’re searching for more of a therapeutic experience, this is it.

The combination of albino penis envy (300mg) and African Transkies (100mg) will harness an elated feeling; Combined with ginger root (100mg), which will aid in digestion. These two psilocybin strains have initiated many enlightened paths. Furthermore, the African Transkies is fast-acting which you will begin to notice quickly. Whereas the Albino Penis will bring a more intense, long-lasting spiritual experience.

We’ve designed this product for two sets of people help individuals struggling with severe depression to do a reset dose; or for people looking to have a euphoric spiritual experience.

Each Package Contains 5 Capsules

Ingredients: (400mg) Microdose Blend, (100mg) Ginseng Root

*Organic, Gluten Free, & Vegan Friendly.

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