Disposavape Juul Kits 5 Pack Assorted $129.99 (Mix & Match)

Disposavape Kits:

Comes with 1 Juul style Vape Battery and USB charger Plus 1 Gram Vape Pod Cartridge.

Vape Pod Cartridge made with ALL Natural Cannabis Terpenes. No additives. No PG or VG.

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Diposavape kits allow you to change out the JUUL compatible THC cartridges so that you can alter the flavourings that you are using with each kit. This is convenient for people who enjoy various different tastes.
All our cannabis THC vape cartridges work with the JUUL vaporizer system. You don’t have to dump out what’s left in your oven that is vape to attempt something new. Swap out the cartridge in seconds to enjoy a breed. Switch whenever you like for the greatest convenience without mess. Grab some extra cartridges [link to page ] to match effects and all your different moods.


You get everything you need to start vaping with your chosen cannabis strain.

Each THC vape kit includes:

  • 1 JUUL compatible battery
  • 1 gram THC pod with your favorite weed oil
  • 1 USB charger

Snap the THC cartridge into the battery pack and begin enjoying your vape immediately!