CRFT Shatter Gelato #33 (Hybrid)


The Gelato#33 Hybrid Shatter by CRFT Cannabis will treat your taste buds with hints of fresh orange and earthy mint while left with a smooth aftertaste of wild berries. Gelato#33 leaves its user with psychoactive properties that combine for a strong body high and near-instant effects, beginning with a positive, uplifting sensation that can sometimes be hazy before eventually settling into an intensely relaxing body high. It’s recommended that this dessert be saved for after dinner for beginner or less routine smokers.

Make sure your dab rigs banger is not to hot as you do not want to over cook shatter to preserve the suddle notes each specific strain has to offer.

Store In a cool dry place | Keep out of reach of children | Net Weight: 1 Gram | Avoid direct exposure to light | One gram of shatter extract is the equivalent of four grams of dried cannabis flower.

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