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Blue Meanie mushrooms (Panaeolus cyanecens) are considered among the world’s most potent magic mushrooms. They contain double to triple the normal amount of psilocybin compared to other psilocybin containing shrooms. The most distinguished characteristic of the Blue Meanies is the blue colouring along the stem.

Blue Meanie mushrooms produce a potent effect that will surprise even the most seasoned mushroom connoisseurs. Users of this strain of Magic Mushroom will experience intense visuals along with a robust bodily sensation and a rush of euphoria.

When you’re ready to indulge in one of the most sought after magic mushrooms, then look no further than Blue Meanies. Don’t let the name dissuade you, as this magic mushroom is nothing but pure bliss.

Although this may seem disgusting, it’s a primary medium for the majority of hallucinogenic mushrooms. Blue Meanie mushrooms are native to tropical to subtropical climates, so if you live in Northern latitudes, like Canada, you’ll need to buy Blue Meanie mushrooms online instead of foraging for them.

The Effects of Blue Meanie Mushrooms

The onset is intense, and Blue Meanie mushrooms produce a potent effect that will surprise even the most seasoned mushroom connoisseurs. Blue Meanies come on heavy, and you’ll find yourself in the middle of a trip before you recognize what’s going on.

Blue Meanie mushrooms are notable for their hallucinogenic properties. As the effects become stronger, you’ll note that the visions become more intense. Due to the overwhelming nature of Blue Meanie mushrooms, you should consume these potent caps in a home and a sitter to help you.

The actual trip from consuming Blue Meanie mushrooms can last between 6-18-hours — or more depending on how much you consume.

CAUTION! It is strongly advised not to drink alcohol while taking magic mushrooms. That’s ANY kind of booze, yes even beer. If you are on any anti-depression medication you are best to be very careful with your dosage. Ironically, SSRIs (Selective Seratonin Re-uptake Inhibitors) tend to also inhibit the effects of psilocybin, often blocking the psychoactive effects of taking shrooms completely. 

Always keep your dried magic mushrooms in a dry and dark spot at or close to room temperature as exposure to either light or heat will reduce the effective amount of hallucinogens, while any moisture getting in can result in molds and other nasties contaminating your shrooms, making them dangerous to consume. So very important to keep 100% dry. 

ALWAYS Keep out of the reach of children and pets.

  • Some of the most powerful mushrooms on the planet these genetics have been found in subtropical places and have been known to be growing on cow dung but don’t be fooled these mushrooms are serious and a force to be reckoned with great for introspective and going Inside the self this strain is also know for being double the potency of other p . Cubensis types so use with care tap into your inner flow state with these beauty’s.
  • These mushrooms like to live in dung in fields in warm climates they can pop up very fast after a rain and have a pasture covered really fast they are also different as they are not part of the psilocybe genus family.
  • Blue meanies cause hallucinogenic trips  for four to six hours and sometimes as long as 10 hours . The effects include audio and visual trips as well as an increased feeling of deep comfort Users will also experience a strong distortion of space and time, an increased level of creativity and may even feel as if they are taking a spiritual journey to a other world
    Blue Meanies’ hallucinogenic effects originate from its high levels of psilocine and psilocybine that intensify the serotonin levels in the central nervous system. Enhanced levels of serotonin foster an experience that has been described as similar to LSD the effect they will have on someone is often dependent on their body weight.
  • Starting with a small dosage is always a good idea – especially with Blue Meanies since they are so potent –0.5 grams is typically a small dosage, 0.5-1.5 grams is a typically regular or common dosage, 1.5-3 grams is a strong dosage and over 3 grams is typically a very heavy dosage.  Again, these doses are not exact, since how strongly shrooms affect each individual is correlated to their body weight as well as other physiological factors.
If you purchase this product you will earn 3 Bud Bucks worth of $3.00!
If you purchase this product you will earn 3 Bud Bucks worth of $3.00!
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