Alien Tech (28 Grams)


Alien Tech is an indica cannabis strain which originally hails from Afghanistan and is a pure landrace marijuana strain. The beautiful plant of Alien Technology has fluffy light green buds tinted with dark emerald patches and covered with orange and brown pistils. The spicy beef jerky aroma of this strain compliments its spicy Afghan flavor. The strain has a smooth, rich and delicious nag champa taste blended with vanilla sweetness and leaves a turpentine aftertaste. The strain sinks in immediately and the buzz lasts for up to 6 hours. A few tokes of this heavenly strain have a calming effect on sore muscles and joints and offer a pleasant relief from physical and mental stress. An ideal getaway from a hectic and monotonous schedule, this strain ensures that you get the pleasant cerebral high you deserve. It detaches you from the harsh realities of life for a few hours and drowns you in feelings of pure indulgence and euphoria. Not only will it uplift your mood, it will also fire up your senses and enlighten you from within. A toke or two of this miraculous strain will do wonders to transform your mental state into that of pure satisfaction and pleasure.

Flavours: Herbal, Mint, Woody

Effects: Relaxing, Euphoric, Happy

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